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Tips for a Successful Celebration

Select Parties in Children's Age Range:
Not Just Art offers a variety of party choices for a wide range of ages. We have selected activities based on children's ages, interests, safety and developmental appropriateness which, after years of experience, we know are successful.

Consider Party Size:
For very young children, birthday parties can be stressful. And very young guests often wish to have their parents stay and/or be involved during the party. Please consider this in determining the number of children to invite to your event.

The optimal number of guests for children 3-5 years old is 10-12 , and fewer for 2 year-olds. The smaller groups enable us to better provide the individual attention these pre-schoolers need, as well as to make space accommodations for any parents attending the party.

Older children do not always need their parents present, and are more used to attending events on their own. Because of their school experiences, children ages 6 and older are more comfortable in larger groups. The recommended number of guests for children ages 6 and older is 10-16.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected:
Remember that as exciting as parties are for young children, they can also be stressful. Be assured that our expert instructors are trained to handle any emotional situations which may arise, and our varied environment offers quieter and less busy spaces in which the occasional over-stimulated child can "cool out".
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