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"Not Just Art is the kind of place you can't believe you were lucky enough to find!"

Debbie W.

I wanted to make sure you know that it is not checks on a piece of paper that describe how I feel about you and you programs!! It's my smiles, my love for my kids, the joy I get having an activity they all relate to, my recommendations to "Not Just Art" to many people, and my four years of taking classes and looking forward to every one of them!!!"

Thank you so much for your kindness, sincerity and endless energy!!


"I recently asked my 5-year-old daughter "If you could describe Not Just Art in one word, what would it be?" She replied without missing a beat: "A Festival!" And that is exactly what it has been to her since she was 6 months old -- A Festival of Fun -- a place where she could play, sing, dance and splatter paint on any given day of the the week or year for that matter!

For me it has been a haven! Not Just Art has provided me with more parenting tools than any book out there. It has taught me to enjoy my daughter's process of making music and creating art (and my own!). My house has become an art shop as well as one big ongoing art exhibit.

We thank you for creating the "festival of fun" where our family has grown together!!!!"

Melanie R.

"This is a copy of a picture R. drew last Thursday after your class. As you can see, he is very happy coming here. As you know, R.'s nursery school teacher suggested we pull Ralph from here because Not Just Art's philosophy conflicts with his school's philosophy. My husband and I talked aobut it and, last Friday was his last day with his nursery school.

Our plan is to increase Ralph's time at NJA. We want him to stay in a place that nurtures him and encourages his creativity. We are of the belief that children learn best where they are free to express themselves. Ralph will get more out of this year as you gently guide him reather than where they forcefully pushed him.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions last week; it was very helpful. I am grateful to have found a place where the voices are always kind and patient, the faces are always smiling, and somewhere, someone is always holding a child.

Sincerely, R's Mommy (also a special ed teacher and speech pathologist - ed.)
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