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(for Pre-K through 10 years)

Children are naturally curious about the natural world around them, how and why things are the way they are. How are rainbows made? Why do we have hairs inside our nose? What makes a rubber ball bounce? Why are soap bubbles round? 

Our young concoctors, scientists, and inventors learn through doing. Whether exploring rocks and minerals, “invisible” forces such as magnets or gravity and momentum, or mixing up homemade polymers like blubber or slime, our hands-on, science-based classes encourage children to wonder about and to express their thoughts about natural processes and phenomena.

Our wonderful nature collections, science tools and materials invite and inspire children’s desire to experiment and discover. Through engaging and enticing challenges, our warm, knowledgeable teachers encourage each child to formulate and test out his/her own ideas, a hallmark of Not Just Art's mission to "nurture creativity" in all aspects of life!

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